KTEE Schools

KTEE Private School (Centre of Technical and Commercial Education) was founded in June 1969 in Nicosia.  It began its official operation as a private secondary education school in the school year 1969-1970.  In the same year KTEE private institute began its operation.

In 1993 the company HAP schools Ltd was established  which still continues to run the operations of KTEE Private School.    

Today, KTEE Private School operates as an evening Lyceum, providing students who either work full-time, or are working at home and cannot attend morning classes.  At the same time, it gives a second chance to students who have stopped secondary education, to re-enter and complete their studies. 

KTEE Private Institute is known throughout Cyprus for the successes of its students in the following:

  • University Entrance Examinations
  • Government Examinations
  • Police Examinations

For decades our students have consistently achieved top-grades: “Success is a tradition” for us.

In addition, KTEE Private Institute specializes in preparing students for internationally recognized and accredited examinations for the English language which lead to Tertiary Educational Institutions in the U.K. and the U.S.A.   

Distance Learning is another sector in which KTEE Private School is involved with success.  With the creation of our Website and in particular the e-shop operation, we anticipate that our student’s successes will continue to increase. 

The organization of vocational training programs constitute another field that KTEE – HAP Schools Ltd is involved in. 

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